about background

From day one, Anthony Falleroni was the definition of an overactive imagination.  Born in the depths of Steeler Country (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), one thing was clear… whether he was drawing an epic Ninja Turtle adventure or recording a variety show with stuffed animal thespians, visual story-telling was in his blood.  When that fateful day came and the teacher asked the question of questions, “What do you want to do with your life?” the answer exploded out of his mind like a performing dolphin.  Making movies, telling stories, making people laugh – these were the only things that made sense.

Before earning his MFA in film from the New York Film Academy at NBC/Universal, he earned his BS in social and cultural history from Carnegie Mellon University.  An odd choice to some, considering his cinematic goals, but he always felt that a story (regardless of genre) is nothing more than a window into humanity.  Lessons of our faults and visions of our triumphs.  No better place to build that foundation than in history… and besides, phalanxes and ancient catacombs are always sexy.

Many years have past since he executive produced “The Teddy Ruxpin Tonight Show” in his bedroom, but little has changed.  He has written/directed/edited many award winning short films, written many well-received scripts (having placed in the top 15% of the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship), and worked extensively in the YouTube world producing short original content and series programming for established channels.  His creativity is constantly demanding a challenge – as evident by his recent foray into animation with his short “Blurry,” a music video “Crash,” and many other short cartoon projects (not that he’s ever done traditional hand drawn animation before – minor details).  And that’s just the beginning… his imagination will continue to run wild on the screen for all those willing to let their own imaginations go.

Samples of his Ninja Turtle drawings referenced above available upon request.